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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a style that incorporates many methods  of yoga into flowing postures with a focus on connecting breath with movement. All levels are welcome as modifications and props are encouraged to individualize each practice and foster an inclusive community. Each class is unique in its focus, postures, and intensity. There is plenty of room for individual 

expression to ensure each practitioner receives what they need when they come to their mat

Prenatal Yoga

For the yoga mamas-to-be. Whether you are new to yoga practice regularly, my style is intended for mothers in any stage of pregnancy: pre-conception to post-natal, and all stages in between. We’ll use breath and meditation to connect mind, body and baby during this special time. The sequences will move at a gentle pace to encourage confidence while building strength and endurance in preparation for the birth. Long held restorative positions will allow ease and relaxation.We’ll take time in each session to process questions as a group and individually to connect with others that are sharing the path of motherhood.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga, cihikdrens yoga

The best classes are designed with specific age group in mind but not a hard rule. See below for some examples.


4-7: Years: These classes will combine simple yoga poses with songs, games and stories. Designed to engage your child’s social, sensory, and motor skills while increasing flexibility.  In addition to the physical movements we will provide an introduction to breathing and calming techniques.


8-12 Years: These lively classes will allow young yogis to release energy through a variety of individual, partner and group activities. We will focus on improving strength, flexibility, and coordination while encouraging self-expression. 


I would highly recommend Davina's prenatal yoga class. This class and Davina helped me stay active, positive and relaxed throughout my whole pregnancy. Take this class, you won't regret it!

                     -Jessie Rankinen-


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