Beloved Balance By Davina


Balancing Body, Mind, & Sprit

My Beloved Body Program is designed to meet you where you are on your health and wellness path. We all deserve to live the life we desire and achieve the freedom of balanced health. We will tap into your own potential and design a personal action plan for bringing your dreams to life.

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Join us for a ten week journey into upgrading your healthy habits through my Beloved Body Program. The space for this program is limited to  individuals ready for dramatic change. 


As we work one on one and as a collective group, I will support and guide you to: 

  • Live at your ideal weight & feel comfortable in your body

  • Design a movement plan that works for your body type 

  • Achieve deep sleep for optimal energy 

  • Befriend your constitution working with it's unique qualities 

  • Deepen your self care practices to orient towards thrive with ease

  • Implement the fundamental basics of Ayurveda & a yogic lifestyle

  • Develop a personalized plan to achieve your wellness goals 

I want to get you on an accelerated path to achieving the best version of you. Whether that involves better sleep and energy levels, or becoming lighter and more fit in your body, or finding ways to reduce stress. Sign up now for a free laser coaching session to map out your wellness plan. 


Take actions now that your future self will be thankful for! 

Achieve Your Healthy Weight


Increase Your Energy Level


Active Lifestyle With Ease

Design the Life you DESIRE


 10 Modern Habits derived from the ancient wisdom of

Ayurveda & Yoga: 

  1. Early Lighter Dinner 

  2. Early To Bed 

  3. Start Your Day Right 

  4. Breath Body Practice 

  5. Plant Based Diet 

  6. Self-Massage

  7. Sitting In Silence

  8. Healthier Eating Guidelines 

  9. Come to Your Senses 

  10. Easeful Living 

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